About Toronto

Toronto is the provincial capital of Ontario and the largest metropolitan city by population in Canada, with a population of 2.4M people as of 2016. The Greater Toronto Area has a population of roughly 6M residents. With such a large population, we know that there are many students in elementary school or high school, who have tutoring needs. The City of Toronto has one of the largest student populations in the continent and is home to roughly 400,000 students in schools. We understand that with such a large and growing population, there is a need for our services. Our advisors provide mentorship and counselling to our students. We don’t just teach our students the necessary materials, we help our students with the learning process and teach them how to be more efficient learners. Our approach to tutoring is customized to the needs of our students, as everyone is different. We realize this and develop a customized approach to tutoring that is based on each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Prepsmart is proud to have worked with numerous students in Toronto. We have a strong presence in the following areas: Parkdale, Riverdale, Leaside, Kingsway, Bayview Village, High Park, Forest Hill, The Beaches, Rosedale, Danforth, The Annex, Roncesvalles, King West, Rexdale, New Toronto, Wychwood Park, and Bloor West Village.

Our Five Step approach

Customer Testimonials

“As the parents of a Grade 10 student who always struggled with Math, we were always struggling to help our child, Richard improve his grades. Richard was always nervous and lacked self confidence when it came to his Math class. He was always one to blank out on his tests and would always get very nervous before each test. As a parent we invested in dozens of tutors throughout the years and saw limited results. Thanks to our most recent tutor, Chris, our son Richard has seen a 20% improvement in his grades. He went from receiving 60s in Math to 80s on a consistent basis. Chris was a real mentor to our son, which we love to see. He has taught Chris to take efficient notes, good study habits and think critically when solving complex problems. I can’t say enough great things about Chris.” – Jasmine


Our Approach to Learning in Toronto

Parents in Toronto want to see their kids succeed, but sometimes the learnings in the classroom aren’t enough. This is when parents often begin to ponder the idea of seeking a tutor. Prepsmart has a broad range of tutors available, that mesh well with the children they tutor. We realize that each client is different and therefore we do our best to pair our clients with tutors who understand their needs.

Prepsmart has an in home approach to tutoring as we find that results are the best when students are taught in the comfort of their homes. Our goal-based approach to learning is based on a customized approach. Our tutors are all hand selected, and they all have prior tutoring experience, and are all passionate about helping their students succeed in school.​

We work with our students to set goals for themselves and than develop a customized study plan for them so that they can reach their goals. Our proven-approach has resulted in success because:

  • Students enjoy our in-home approach to learning as children are more productive and focused in the comfort of their home.
  • Prepsmart trains all of our tutors and provides them with adequate resources based on the Ontario Secondary School Curriculum which allows the tutors to run the lesson in a structured and efficient fashion.​
  • Every child has a different learning style and a different pace of learning, therefore our individualized approach allows us to develop customized study plan that aligns with your child’s learning style.​
  • We have a no contract of commitment policy, where you can choose how many lessons you want to have each week. We do not lock our clients into any contracts and if you are not happy with our services, you may terminate them at any point in time.

Our Unique Approach to Learning

Once a new student has their first lesson with our tutors, we conduct a free private assessment to find out what their strengths and weaknesses are and we are than able to develop a customized study plan based on their situation. This helps us ensure that we are filling the necessary knowledge gaps in the students knowledge before we go on to teach them more complex concepts and principles.

Our approach to learning is different depending on whether the child is in elementary school or high school.

Our tutoring platform is designed for students of all ages from first grade through to twelfth grade. The most common subjects are English, Math, French and Science although we have a number of students in other disciplines as well. If you’re a parent, give your child the help they need.

English Tutoring Toronto

English is one of the most tutored subjects in the world. Students often face a real challenge in English, that is because they will avoid reading and be reluctant to write. At Prepsmart, we believe that English skills in grammar, writing and vocabulary are critical for one to express themselves. These skills will shape a child’s professional development, and will later impact their lives as they pursue post secondary educations and in the workplace where writing is often an every day occurrence and is part of our regular interactions.

At Prepsmart we work with all kinds of children, and have a proven platform to improve the child’s abilities to read, write and spell. Our teachers are trained in how to work with children and teenagers. We make learning fun, and most importantly we teach your child to learn so that they can apply these learnings in other courses. We want to see our students succeed and we work incredibly hard to provide our students with a learning platform that is most efficient.

French Tutoring Toronto

French is another area of struggle for many students. French is Canada’s second language, and many students struggle with the subject. Students often struggle with vocabulary and grammar and we have experienced French speaking tutors who can help ease that burden off stress from your child’s minds. Many parents feel helpless when it comes to French as they are not always able to assist their children because they themselves do not speak French. We have the perfect tutors accessible to help transform your child’s Bs into As.

Math Tutoring Toronto

Many students struggle in math. In fact, Math is the most widely tutored subject globally. Many students who excel in all their other courses struggle in Math. Our tutors at Prepsmart understand the struggles of these students and we have pioneered a goal based approach to learning where we teach students concepts in ways that are easy for them to understand and relate to.

Find your child a suitable tutor doesn’t have to be difficult and we have the perfect platform for you. In fact our platform is very easy to use, matching your child with a suited tutor so that they are able to learn in the comfort of their home. Our program is very customized to your child’s learning styles and we are happy to work with kids of all ages and at all grade levels. Contact Us today to book your first lesson.