We are off to the start of 2022-2023 school year! This year, school will look quite different than it has over the past two years. Hopefully, this will mean much fewer disruptions for students, teachers, and classrooms, and much greater and effective learning.

As we enter a post-pandemic era, many restrictions in communities and schools have been lifted. This Fall, schools will be back in full session, and with them so will extra-curricular and social activities. This sense of normalcy both for students and teachers will offer a fresh sense of welcome.

These changes bring a lot of excitement; yet many parents and students continue to have questions as we navigate a time of uncertainty. Below, we examine some of the different areas of school life and what to expect as students head back to school:


  • Teachers in classrooms across Ontario, Canada will pulse check students’ levels and adjust the curriculum and content to reflect students’ learning.
  • There will be lots of catching up for students, particularly those who have fallen behind over the past few years. Students will be at different levels due to many discrepancies caused by the pandemic.  
  • Expectations of teachers from students may change as the year goes on. Perhaps material and content needs to be covered, which students must know from prior years, but were not covered. The school board expectations typically remain the same for graduating students, so it just means more content needs to be covered in many classes.
  • If parents find that their children need help, we highly encourage them seeking help early on. Here at Prepsmart Tutoring, we are always ready to provide support to our students and strive to help them achieve their academic goals. We believe in both teaching and in mentorship, so not just teaching our students the content, but accompanying skills such as good study habits, time management, organizational skills, and other important skills.
  • We are seeing a large growth in schools’ special learning programs in Ontario, Canada, for students who may have learning disabilities or require extra attention. Parents and students can take advantage of these programs if they are suitable for their children.

Extracurricular Life:

  • Extracurricular activities will finally be back and in session
  • Students can engage in these activities which will contribute to their development and leadership skills
  • Extracurriculars are great ways for students to gain new skills, be active, and meet new friends who share similar interests

Sports & Social Life

  • With many restrictions lifted, students will once again have the opportunity to participate in social activities and sports. This is a great way for students to become active. 

With many changes on the horizon, we hope that all our students have an exciting, active, and fulfilling year ahead.

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