It is a new year and there is much on the horizon for 2023!

Students will hopefully be ready to get into the second half of the school year feeling refreshed, with their new years goals ahead of them.

For high school students in Ontario, Canada, the start of 2023 means exam season. Exams will take place mid to end January. For students who have had the chance to study over the winter break, that is great as they have had a head start. For others, this will be a period of preparation as they head into exam season. For our middle school and elementary students, the break has also hopefully offered a refreshing time and they are ready to delve into their learning for the second half of the year. With the winter months ahead, we encourage students to stay active and keep their brains and bodies healthy and active.

For university students in Ontario, Canada, this is the start of the second term and they will start new courses. The first few weeks, they will have the opportunity to add/drop  courses as they wish. This is a good time to try out classes and sit in on them, to assess if they are interested them.

Below, we will share some tips and advice for how to best be prepared for 2023 academically, which should apply to students in almost all age groups. It all just comes down to good habits! Here they are:

  • Reference the goals that you have set out for 2023
  • Practice organization skills and develop the right study habits. Remember studying more does not necessarily translate into better results! Being productive and having the right study habits is key. Some of the methods here is to attend class, being attentive in class, and taking notes. A method that we have seen works well is reviewing the notes after class or that day. This approach has shown to sink in memory well
  • Know the deadlines and start early. Starting early is particularly important because by its nature it means that the student has already started the task. This includes starting early to study for tests but also starting early to prepare for assignments and projects
  • As you move along, look back to see what improvements you are making in your areas and if you are realistically on the path to achieve the goals you have set out for 2022.

We wish you a great year ahead and wish you the very best on your studies this academic year.

All our best,

Prepsmart Tutoring