Our Approach

The Prepsmart Tutoring program is built on the following pillars for teaching:


  • Qualifications: All of our instructors hold bachelor’s / master’s degrees in the subjects that they teach, from top Canadian universities. Many of our instructors are currently pursuing their studies, have recently graduated, pursuing their professional fields, or attending Teacher’s College.

  • Training: All of our instructors receive training and development
  • Ratings: All of our instructors must hold satisfactory ratings in the program and hold high standings

  • Teacher-Student Fit: Assessing fit and relationship is an important part of assigning instructors to students

Goals-based Approach

  • Assessment upfront: We perform an assessment per subject area by grade to assess where students stand

  • Grades and standing: We look at the students’ current level and standing to determine where the student currently is in relation to where he or she plans to be

  • Personalized lesson planning


  • Feedback driven: Continuously receive feedback from instructors on progress of lessons

  • Progress Reports: Share progress reports with parents on students’ progress to keep them updated on units covered, areas where students are excelling, and areas for improvement