Math is an integral part of every child’s education. Prepsmart’s Math tutoring program is designed to help students become confident in their math skills and excel in their math courses. Our Math tutoring covers topics for students across different age groups. Our Math program is fully personalized, designed to meet students at their current stage of learning and take them through the learning and skills process to get to where they wish to be. Our upfront assessment helps determine the current standing of the student and the appropriate teaching plan.

The areas covered in Math include Grades 1 through 10 general Math, plus higher level math courses including Functions, Advanced Functions, and Calculus in Grades 11 and 12. Advanced Functions and Calculus are typically prerequisite courses for admissions for many Science and Engineering University Programs.

We believe that all students can excel in Math. Math is a logic-based course, whereby the contents build on one another. Many times students may feel they are not strong in Math, but a revisit of the foundations and building blocks, combined with practice and effort, shows that Math is a subject that all students can learn to become strong in over time.