For Grade 12 students, the Fall and winter time is an important time. Not only are they in their final year in high school, but they also have to make important decisions about which university programs they will be attending next and what career options they wish to pursue.

Below, we share some of the steps and insights Grade 12 students can leverage as they navigate their final year and look to apply to the university programs of choice.

Program Selection:

As a first step, it is important to explore one’s interests and then search the list of university programs that students plan on applying to. Remember that universities have a wide range of programs to apply to. These span business, science, humanities, nursing, etc.  Part of this process entails exploring career options and seeing what students plan to pursue in the future. Finding the right program is key. Researching is a big part of this. This includes researching the university and their program-specific pages.

Below are some of the programs across the disciplines you may be considering:


Sciences / Pre-Med:



Program Admissions Requirements and Prerequisites:

  • It is important to look at all the prerequisites. All the programs will look at your top 6 grades. Each program will have specific pre-requisite requirements. English is a pre-requisite for all programs
  • Some programs will look at Grade 11 grades for early admissions
  • Here are some of the pre-requisite programs:
    • English 12
    • Advanced Functions 12 
    • Data Management 12
    • Calculus & Vectors 12
    • Chemistry 12
    • Biology 12
    • Physics 12

Supplementary Applications:

  • Online Application (inputting interests, extra-curricular activities, volunteer work, work experience, etc.)
  • Essays: Personal essays, personal statements, or answering specific prompts
  • Interview: Recorded interviews 

Applications Timeline: 

  • OUAC submission by January 12, 2023
  • Supplementary Applications Submission: January 2023
  • Early Decisions: Early 2023
  • Regular Decisions: Spring 2023 (March – May)

We hope our Grade 12 students find the above information useful.

Very best,

Prepsmart Tutoring Team