English is an essential part of children’s educational development. Within the Canadian curriculum, English is taught from the first Grade and is a required course until graduation. In fact, Grade 12 English is a prerequisite course for admission for most Canadian university programs.

Prepsmart’s English program is designed to help students, in every grade level, build their following skills in the field: Reading Comprehension, Writing, Speaking, and Analytical Thinking. These areas are developed through reading and writing using structure and analysis. Novels assigned by school and recommended by the Prepsmart program are leveraged in building these skills. In high school, essay writing is a critical focus of the curriculum and a big part of Prepsmart’s focus in working with students. It is important to note, however, that the foundations for strong essay writing begin from a much earlier age and as such it is important to build the foundational skills early on.

As part of our essay writing teaching, we focus on teaching the fundamentals including structure, idea development, and continuously strengthening the argument. The Prepsmart English and Essay writing tutoring is comprehensive and helps students develop their English skills.