With the academic year winding down a lot of parents are wondering what their kids should do in the summer. Parents put their kids through various camps and other extracurricular activities in hopes of keeping their kids preoccupied in the summer but often overlook the importance of keeping their children up to speed with their academic work as well. Students are so focused on having fun that they often forget the concepts they learn in their math, english and science classes. As a parent it is your responsibility to give them access to the resources and help they need to take their academics to the next level. We will now break down some tips and tricks that you can do to improve your child’s grades in each subject.

Math Enrichment

Mathematical concepts tend to build on each other which is why it is often critical that students understand the fundamental concepts so that they can build on their math knowledge in subsequent academic years. Math is the subject that students tend to seek tutoring for the most as they do not spend adequate time to review the theories and lessons learned after each class. Furthermore, most students do not find adequate time preparing for their classes by completing the homework. Parents can put their children in summer math enrichment programs that will allow them to get up to speed with what they learned in prior year.

English Enrichment

The importance of having an English tutor is often overlooked. Students tend to forget their English grammar and spend after the summer holidays commence spend a few weeks getting up to speed with where they were in the prior year. While taking a break is important and good for everyone, it is important for parents to realize that they need to immerse their children in the key topics so that they are academically up to speed. As a parent you can put your children in a structured academic enrichment program that will ensure that children do not forget the key concepts. Especially for high school students, where students grades will impact their university admissions.

The summer presents the perfect opportunity for students to get ahead in school. Whether you as a parent choose to hire a math tutor in Toronto, science tutor or english tutor, they all present the perfect opportunities for your children to get prepared for the upcoming school year. For any student it is critical that they take the necessary steps to get prepared and for the parents it is their responsibility to give their children exposure to the right resources to teach their children.

Prepsmart Tutoring is here to help

Here at Prepsmart Tutoring we have designed summer academic enrichment programs designed to help our students reach their goals. We develop a study plan for our students that is built around their goals. We set a timeline and build a program that is compatible with their learning styles. Whether they need help in english, math, science or french we are here to help. Whether you want to do a quick crash course before school starts or give your child the tools they need to get ahead of their classmates we are here to help. Our past summer students have gone on to achieve incredible results as they become acquainted with all the key concepts and the topics they learn in school are merely a review of what has been done before. If you’re child has previously struggled in school, why not equip them with the resources they need to take their grades to the next level in the upcoming year.