The past few years have been particularly challenging for students, particularly with the persistence of the global pandemic. The mix of back and forth between online and in-person learning, along with the disruptions this has brought, has led to significant challenges for schools, teachers, and students alike. The impact of the pandemic has been a stretched school system and a student body that has fallen behind.

The impact of these challenges are becoming more and more apparent by day. Students have significantly fallen behind. Research and observations corroborate this finding. We, at Prepsmart Tutoring, have seen this impact firsthand. We have seen many of our students feeling particularly behind. This trend is being particularly observed in our younger students — those in the elementary and middle school levels for whom the lack of oversight and the need for self-learning has been particularly challenging.

While parents and students may feel that they or their children are particularly behind, it is important to recognize that this is a common occurrence. The good news is that through persistence and adequate planning, we believe that all students have the ability to bounce back, improve, and return to their current grade level academic standing.

Here are some recommendations for parents and/or students who feel that they have fallen behind and can benefit from a plan to improve their academic skills:

  • Identify the subject(s) that the student is behind in. Review the units and topics covered for respective academic years.
  • Conduct an assessment with the school to identify current standing and identify key areas of gaps
  • Develop a game plan. The summer is a great opportunity to come up with a comprehensive plan to get back on track. Developing skills and learning (and mastering) concepts is not overnight task; it is one that will require long-term planning spanning a period of months (depending on the time dedicated to the task).
  • Identify student’s learning plan, be it with the help of the parent. or if seeking outside help of a tutoring service (private lessons or group sessions) or perhaps through extra help from the school.
  • Perform regular progress checks in terms of mid-term reviews and final reviews
  • Getting academic help from experts can definitely help students. Here, at Prepsmart Tutoring, we have solutions for all students. Throughout the pandemic, we have helped students in a variety of ways. In particular, we have provided tutoring sessions to students who feel behind. The focus has been to help these students recover their academic standing. If you feel that private tutoring sessions can benefit your or your child with academic recovery, you can learn more about Prepsmart. 

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