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Both Biology 11 and Biology 12 emphasize the Nature of Science themes: change, diversity, energy, equilibrium, matter, and systems. Biology 11 and Biology 12 refine students’ explanations of the nature of science and technology and the interaction between biology and technology. Students elaborate the impact of biology and associated technology on society and of the limitations of the biological sciences, science in general, and technology in solving societal problems. Laboratory work is integral to all science programs.

Private Biology Tutoring with Prepsmart Tutoring

At Prepsmart Tutors, our interview process, stringent qualifications, and background screening ensure that only the best Biology tutors work with Prepsmart Tutors. To assure a successful experience, you’re paired with one of these qualified tutors by an expert director – and we stand behind that match with our money-back guarantee.

Receive personally tailored Biology lessons from exceptional tutors in a one-on-one setting. We help you connect with the best tutor for your particular needs while offering flexible scheduling to fit your busy life.

Prepsmart Tutors Biology Tutoring FAQ Prepsmart Tutors can help you to explore more concepts in the academic field of biology, as part of your test prep or class assignments by linking you to an experienced and understanding biology tutor. Working with biology tutors can help you to work toward academic progress in a lower-pressure environment, especially when your biology tutoring is one-on-one like this would be. Instead of wasting precious time searching for “biology tutors near me,” you can use that time to focus on the concepts in biology that you’re trying to understand more fully before tests and to complete your classwork. A private biology tutor can help you to get more done, and it’s easy to get started quickly when you contact us today. Keep reading to learn how a tutor can reinforce your classwork and complement your efforts in the academic discipline of biology.

What is Biology?

Biology is one of the natural sciences. It focuses on living organisms and includes a wide variety of concepts, from physical structures of cells and chemical processes to physiological mechanisms and evolution. The academic field as is known today has a long history, dating back to ancient times, although it came to prominence in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. The word was first used in the 1700s by a Swedish scientist, and then by a German who translated Carl Linnaeus’ work. The increase in the use of the microscope, in the 1600s and 1700s, led to scientists’ explorations of cells, bacteria, and other tiny organisms.

More recently biology subtopics, like genetics, have flourished and expanded. There’s still much to know and learn, academically and professionally, in the field of biology. Biology is a big field to study and explore. There’s a lot you can learn about, and there are many opportunities in life to use what you know. There are many different branches in the field of biology, and focused biology tutoring with a private biology tutor can help you to feel comfortable as you examine topics in any of these. Some of the different topics in the overarching biological sciences include the study of the environment (ecology), animals (zoology), genetics, plants (botany), and many more. Evolutionary biology and research is well-known. The field of biology also includes topics like how drugs work in the body and how the body’s immune system works. The list below outlines a few of the branches of biology but is not an exhaustive list.

Subdisciplines of Biology (non-comprehensive)

Ecology Biochemistry Botany Molecular biology Immunology Zoology Pharmacology Neuroscience Microbiology Evolutionary biology Cell biology Genetics If you’re just getting started in your study of biology, enlisting the help of biology tutors early on can help you to feel more confident in any of the subtopics in biology that you’re learning about. Biology tutors can help you to develop specific skills that you can use in describing what happens in a cell, in classifying different species of animals, plants and organisms, and putting scientific theories to use. You may even go beyond foundational understanding and skills in biology to explore future opportunities in the field.

Learning Biology

Even though specific biology courses typically don’t begin until high school, students of all ages can benefit from biology tutoring because students first learn about animals and plants early in their school years. Students learn about different animals – mammals, fish, reptiles, and insects – from an early age, and that’s zoology. They even learn about fossils and prehistoric life – that’s paleontology – sometimes before they’re in junior high. Teachers can help students in early grades become more comfortable with the various topics in biology over the years. It’s usually a sophomore year course when students take an actual biology class. That’s a great time to begin looking for a “biology tutor near me” or “biology tutoring near me” because that’s about the time that a student starts focusing on biology as a subject in its entirety.

Even if your student is learning about biology earlier than their tenth-grade year, or you want to get a head start on that education, biology tutoring is a great option. One-on-one sessions allow a biology tutor to focus solely on your student’s academic concerns and to build a study plan that highlights their strengths and builds on their weaknesses to help improve those.

A biology tutor can help you to recall more than just concepts in biology, but to put that knowledge to use. They can help you to connect what you’re learning in school (at any level) with what you see and experience in your daily life.

The list below outlines some of the skills you could be expected to use and explore in a biology course, although it is not an exhaustive list of the topics you might find in a biology course.

Biology A Curriculum Topics (Suggested by the National Human Genome Research Institute)

Use methods of qualitative and quantitative observation. Describe the general structures, functions, biochemistry, and diversity of cells.

Why is Biology Tutoring Effective?

When you enroll to work with a biology tutor, we’ll initiate the process by connecting you with an experienced educator who can begin working with you promptly. We’ll make every effort to pair you with instructors who can accommodate your existing schedule, too. This makes it convenient to access the academic support you need, even if you have a packed agenda.

Once you’re connected with your tutor, you’ll start engaging in a series of personalized one-on-one learning sessions. Your tutor will design a customized lesson plan based on your specific academic requirements and geared towards your academic growth. You can take as much or as little time as you need to grasp each biology topic covered in your lessons. For instance, if you find it challenging to comprehend cellular functions, your tutor can dedicate extra time to this area. You can progress through each aspect of cellular functions at your own pace and seek additional guidance from your tutor on any elements you find particularly challenging. Conversely, you can swiftly move through areas you already grasp well.

In summary, this creates a wholly personalized learning experience. Such educational assistance is rarely available through other academic avenues. In a classroom setting, teachers typically lack the time to devote such focused attention to each individual student. That’s why signing up for tutoring can bridge the gap between the content covered in your biology class and your current understanding of the subject.

How Can You Get Started?

As outlined above, biology is a highly significant field of scientific study. A solid grasp of biology is crucial for careers in industries like medicine and research. However, biology can be a challenging subject to fully comprehend. This is where biology tutors come in. Prepsmart Tutors would be delighted to connect you with private instructors who can help you tackle challenging areas in biology. You can receive the focused guidance you need to prepare for crucial exams or simply feel more confident with your biology coursework. Consider contacting us today if you believe that you would benefit from this type of academic support. We’re eager to work with you and anticipate hearing from you soon.