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About Oshawa

Oshawa is a city in Southern Ontario, approximately 60km east of Downtown Toronto, with a population of ~160,000. Oshawa is the largest municipality in the Regional Municipality of Durham. Oshawa was at one point considered the automotive capital of Canada; however, today it also boasts many education and health centres. Oshawa is home to three post-secondary institutions: Durham College, Trent University Durham, and Ontario Tech University.

Prep smart has been providing its services all around Oshawa since a very long time and is a very trusted and highly rated company for private tutoring. Prep smart tutors have the ability to provide students with the one-on-one engagement they need to excel academically. Oshawa has excellent options for education at all levels. Oshawa has an extensive education system. Prep smart is a well-known and trusted tutoring service provider in Oshawa as well as neighborhood in Oshawa North Oshawa, Donevan, Samac, Taunton, Central Oshawa, Windfields.

Prepsmart’s Tutoring program in Oshawa is tailored to the students’ needs in the region. With such a large and growing population of students, Oshawa is an important focus of our tutoring program. We seek to recruit high-quality instructors in Oshawa and pair them to meet students’ needs locally.

Prepsmart Tutoring in Oshawa

Prepsmart Tutoring offers in-person and online tutoring in Oshawa, to make our programs as accessible as possible. Our online program is seamless and our instructors are equipped with the technology tools to make the lessons highly engaging. Lessons take place on Zoom or Google Hangouts.

Prep smart provides private touring which is personalized support provided by a private tutor or a teacher outside of school/universities. The major purpose of private tutoring is to help students to achieve their academic goals and reach their highest potential. We have many students in and out Oshawa who received our private tutoring sessions have progressed faster. In Oshawa we ensure a quality education through many approaches like Expert Tutors and Instructors, Customized learning Approach, complete Curriculum activities, Effective resources and materials, and continuous monitoring where our tutors can monitor you with all the service throughout whether it is offline or online.

Our in-person tutoring consists of instructors traveling directly to our clients and students, providing a seamless experience. Through in-home tutoring, students can receive lessons from the comfort of their homes. If students prefer, they can also meet at a local library or community centre. Students can learn about registering for private tutoring in Oshawa Here.

Get early intervention, quicker results with Prepsmart

If you want a quicker results and efficient tutoring service for your child or yourself in Oshawa, Prepsmart is here to help you with the best ever tutoring service with our experienced and expert tutors. We have been providing services to help students in their studies for a long period of time. Our holistic nature and approach use assessments to understand students’ areas of need and place them accordingly. We provide you customized lesson plans and teaching material according to the level of your capabilities so that you could get the best experience and service. We follow feedback driven approach and Frequent progress reports for both students and parents. We use custom-built technology and data analytics to personalize teaching and feedback.

Prep smart is one of the most trusted and leading companies in Oshawa with the view of making learning adaptive and easier we have introduced online learning services and have been successful in doing so. Lessons are conducted via Zoom and Google Hangouts supplemented with advanced host technology to provide a seamless experience. You can choose whether to get a traditional in-person experience or online service from the comfort of your home according to your time and schedule. We are committed to providing excellent education through our holistic approach to learning and well-proven learning technique. We believe that everyone shall have access to our service and must be able to learn properly regardless of their location.

We offer dynamic Tutoring Services for an International Student in Oshawa. Our comprehensive platform offers targeted support across a wide array of tests, including high school and college entrance exams, graduate school test prep, and professional certifications. Experience unparalleled test prep support with our live classes, designed to help you build or reinforce fundamentals and basic test-taking strategies. Our professional tutors are always there for you if you are confused or stuck in any step of our tutoring process or class.

We have premium experience in private tutoring. Prepsmart is the best option for anyone in Oshawa. We are one of the most trusted and reliable service providers of Toronto and have been giving the best quality education from the past few years. Our instructors provide both teaching and mentorship to our students. We don’t just teach our students the necessary materials but also we help them with the learning process and teach them how to become more effective learners. Our approach to tutoring is customized and varies as per the needs of students. We realize this and develop a customized approach to tutoring that is based on each student’s strengths and weaknesses and help them convert their weakness into strength.

Our Private Tutors in Oshawa

We provide highly ranked tutoring service founded on premise of personalization and achieving results for our students in Oshawa. All tutors of Prepsmart hold bachelor’s and / or Master’s Degrees from top Canadian universities. Our tutors come to see our students in the convenience of their homes, or alternatively meet at a nearby library or community centre. Tutors follow feedback driven approach, Providing frequent progress reports for both students and parents.