Technology is all around us. It is inevitable that technology is part of students’ learnings. In fact, it is important that students use technology to enhance their learning. While the use of technology is ubiquitous, there is a proper and improper use of technology that impact students’ learnings. Used improperly or ineffectively, technology can have a negative impact on students’ learnings.

In this blog, we will explore ways by which technology can be used effectively.

Here are some of the general takeaways:

  • Using technology by all students for the purpose learning is beneficial
  • It is productive to take notes in class or review notes / slides on Google Classroom
  • It is beneficial to watch educational videos
  • It is important to use technology for learning and focusing on work when doing school work, rather than for referencing social media

More specifically, we have some recommendations for the use of technology for students:

  • Students should check their Google Classrooms daily for materials that their teachers post regarding notes, slides, and homework/assignments. Students can also submit their assignments directly onto Google Classroom. We work with students in our programs in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada to regularly check their Google Classrooms to review class material and submit homeworks and assignments.
  • For students in Grades 10 and up, we advise that they use their computers in the classrooms to take notes. For this student group, we advise that they actively use their computers after school for researching and watching educational videos, but we believe that they should confine their online activities to educational work. We also advise this student group to limit use time on the internet and spend more time interacting in person and doing activities.
  •  For Students in Grades 1 through 9, we advise that they check their Google Classrooms daily and complete homework submissions. For this age group, there are many learning programs such as EPIC reads that are available on the App Store, along with other programs, which help students further their learning skills in areas of Math, English, and Science. Spending 30 to 45 minutes each day on these learning applications does show to enhance student learning. We work with students in our programs in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada to extend their learning using applications such as Epic reads.


Prepsmart Tutoring Team