2022 was a year of growth for us and our students. We are proud to have stood by our students each step of the journey.

Here are some of the highlights for this past year: 

  • Once again, we had the opportunity to work with students in Grades K-12 across all subject areas, ranging from Math, to Science, to Languages for our students in Toronto and the the Greater Toronto Area in Canada. This process entailed goals-planning at the start of the year, weekly lessons to complete review class notes and lectures, to complete homework and assignments,  and test preparation.
  • For our university students in Toronto, Canada and the Greater Toronto Area, Canada we similarly worked with students in respective fields to help them learn and class material, submit material on time, and be prepared for exams. Our eyes were kept  on the GPA targets that students had set out for the semester.
  • For our students, this was a year of transition out of the pandemic and an online learning environment and into a normal classroom setting. We helped our students with this transition by emphasizing key skills to success in the classroom and leveraging technology.
  • For our elementary students, we worked diligently with students in this age group to help them obtain the foundational skills in Math and English that are essential to their learning. Building these foundational skills has been particularly important for this group given that these students were particularly impacted by the pandemic.
  • Preparing our middle school students in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area for high school by advancing their Math, English, and Science skills. 
  • Helping our Grade 12 students’ readiness for university through appropriate Grade 12 course selection and achieving required grades. We have served as guidance to our students in helping them apply to various Sciences, Engineering, Business, and Humanities across Canada.

What lies ahead for us in 2023:

  • Next year, we will continue to focus on and develop the above initiatives. We are excited to continue driving results for our students based on the goals set out for them.
  • We believe that through the consistency of our program, our students will gain new learnings and skills learning at an accelerated pace.
  • In the new year, we are also offering some new services, including test preparation (for undergraduate and graduate programs), as well as mentorship and career preparation for university students who are applying to jobs and internships. These mentorship and career services include resume prep, cover letter prep, and interview prep.