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PrepSmart is a trusted and well known private tutoring company which serves its students in various service areas located in the heart of Canada, Toronto. We offer different subjects and languages and service areas in different cities.

Unseal your Academic and Studies potential fully with our customized, reliable and flexible tutoring services that you can take online and also in person. If you prefer in-person sessions in the comfortable place of our classes or your home or online sessions from anywhere in the world or your comfort area, our experienced and trained tutors are here to help you in order to achieve your goals with compassion and care. We are excited to welcome you and we are committed and dedicated to provide safe and secure environment to our Students so that they could get fresh and warm environment to get their mind peaceful and understand the academics more clearly.

What age groups can take our Service?

We believe in providing reliable and personalized support for students of all ages when it comes to education. Our tutoring programs are dedicated and designed to serve to the different needs and stages of different age groups because we believe every students are different from each other and of different ages. No matter if your child is in elementary school, middle school, or high school, we have the experienced and trained professional tutors to help them achieve their academic goals.

Elementary to High School (Grades K-12)

We Offer our tutoring service for Every Child At Every Stage starting from elementary school, middle school and high school. We start from focusing to build a strong foundation and pillar in every subjects like maths, language, arts, science and social studies in elementary school because we understand how important it is to develop fundamental skills at that stage. We also get that high school can be demanding because of the academic pressure and the need to prepare for the university or college. Our goal is to help and empower all level and aged students to achieve their academic goals and prepare them for their future levels or classes.

College and University Level:

We provide test and exam preparation for all subject areas. We also offer tutoring services for college and university students from various areas and cities through our online and offline classes. Our tutors have experience in subjects like mathematics, sciences, engineering, business, and humanities, and are certified as well. Whether you need any kind of help with a specific course, writing, reading or language proficiency, we are always there to help you. You can also get the subjects or any learning classes according to your needs and requirements that are customized.

The Success of Our High School Students

We take great pride and elevate in the success of our high school students. We believe that a concrete academic pillar and the right amount of support system can unlock an unbelievable chance and moment for students throughout this critical phase of their education process. Our high school tutoring program is designed and made to empower and support students, increase and improve their skills, and move them towards achieving their goals when it comes to studies and academics.

Age Groups

Grades K-12: Offerings for Every Child At Every Stage.

University Level: Test and Exam Preparation for All Subject Areas.

The Success of Our High School Students

Canadian Universities

When it comes to higher education, Canadian universities are known for their academic success and excellence with a very warm and welcoming environment. Whether you are a local student or an international one, studying at a Canadian university will open the door to a universe of opportunities and academic experiences. From undergraduate degrees to graduate programs, Canadian universities provide a extensive range of classes, learnings and specialization variation to serve a wide range of interests and career desire and goal.

Global Universities

Nothing should stand between you and your desire to get a high school success. In today’s interdependent world, going after a higher education at a global university gives you a mind blowing experience that goes far away from the typical borders. Global universities offer a tailored and unique opportunity to thicken your outlook, engage yourself in diverse cultures, and get a global position that prepares you for success in an growing society that is constantly extended in scope or range or area.


Toronto & The GTA

At Prepsmart, we understand that the location of our private tutoring company plays a huge role in providing reliable and accessibility to our students who are seeking for our service to get offline and in class service. While we are providing our service to many service areas and cities, we originally are located in Toronto & The GTA but we are now available in more than 10 cities in Canada. Our goal and aim is to bring high quality education service near you so that it could be easier for you to get the best private tutoring service near you. The main reason why PrepSmart is the ideal choice for your tutoring needs is our convenient locations to give you the best service.

Our tutoring companies are located in central locations in Canada that are easily accessible from various neighbourhoods and schools in canada. We carefully select our locations to make sure that they are properly connected by public transportation and offer sufficient parking facilities so that it could be convenient for both students and parents to reach us. We believe that learning should be easily accessible, and our central locations are all dedicated to provide our student with that facility.

Other Parts of Canada

Talking about Location, first and foremost, PrepSmart operates in Toronto, we believe that students over Canada have different academic needs, requirements and goals. That’s why we are dedicated and committed to enlarging our services to other cities with different service areas, making sure that students in various places of Canada can benefit from our broad educational service and support.

Subjects & Services

We offer varieties and wide range of classes and sessions that can provide you with a wide range of subjects and the services are designed and made to serve you with wide range and variety of educational and academic needs and requirements of students. Our dedicated team of professional tutors and instructors are skilled and trained in their field. They are fully committed to provide you expert guidance and support for our students in a variety of subjects and other areas. If you need any assistance and support in subject areas or if you need proper guidance to prepare for exams and entrance, we are always there for your service.

Age Groups

Easy Access

At PrepSmart, we trust that every student should be able to get the service of quality education and academic support, student’s circumstances and background should not be a problem. We aim to make our services accessible to students from all age groups, areas, backgrounds and others, we ensure that they have the opportunity to beat all the pillars of academics and other areas to get to the place where they want to be. We understand that not every family can afford all the tuition classes apart from the schools and colleges and which is why we are at your service where you can get educational support at very affordable price.

Quality Education

We are dedicated to provide our students with high quality service and support when it comes to education and academics which doesn’t only include memorizing the texts and facts and passing the entrance exams. It’s much more than that. We are always dedicated to empowering our students with proper knowledge, training, skills and another mindset which is needed to uplift our student’s career and academic life. We ensures a quality education through many approaches like Expert Tutors and Instructors, Customized learning Approach, complete Curriculum activities, Effective resources and materials, and continuous monitoring where our tutors can monitor you with all the service throughout whether it is offline or online.

Affordable Online Tutoring Service

We believe and understand that education and academic strength and the opportunity should be accessible to all the students who want to get the education facility. The service should be affordable and budget friendly to all the students living anywhere in world. With the same aim and motto, we have out private tutor service with very affordable pricing and services. Financial boundaries and circumstances should never affect or hinder a student’s sharpness and capabilities to get quality academic service or support. We strive to offer you affordable options without compromising the quality of our services.

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    Tutoring Plus

    We have redefined the traditional tutoring experience. In our program, you are not just receiving tutoring services. You become part of a community of experiential leaners that has access to a plethora of resources, from office hours to homework clinics to assessments and detailed progress reports on your child’s progress.

    Receive Regular Lesson Reports

    Are you frustrated with being unable to track the results of your child’s tutoring lessons or progress? We have completely solved this problem through our custom-built feedback tool designed for parents like you. You receive regular reports detailing your child’s progress in grasping the material, completing homework, and achieving goals.

    Now , you can actually monitor and see if you are hitting the goals initially set out.

    Client Testimonials


    Fantastic service. Thank you, Prepsmart. My daughter has a new-found love for science and it’s all because of her fabulous tutor. Very thorough online learning platform as well!


    Glory Emanouel, Parent

    Thank you to Prepsmart tutoring for helping my daughter with her online math classes. Your teachers are great, and we could not happier. She is finally enjoying her math classes.


    Marina Kamkin, Parent

    Thank you to the wonderful instructors at Prepsmart, the program was great and very helpful for my daughter. Highly recommended to anyone looking for learning help.


    Zoya Zareen, Parent

    Thank you very much to the Great Teachers at Prepsmart. The classes were really engaging and the instructors were great. Highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a tutor!


    Joseph Martin, Student

    Prepsmart has been incredible. I have been using the service over the past 1.5 years and all I can say is it’s FANTASTIC. The team was ALWAYS there for me whenever I needed help. Thanks for Prepsmart, I will be attending Western University next year.


    Anthony Kvyetko, Student

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